Brian Saunders

Samsung Tab Active 2

Review of Samsung Tab Active 2

When Samsung launched the 8” Tab Active 2 in 2017, its specifications were generally mid-range. It was certainly a significant upgrade over its predecessor, the Galaxy Tab Active, but relative to most tablets available at the time: the processor was mid-range, the cameras and display were unremarkable, and the 16 GB of internal storage was not really workable.

The Pros Pack TEAAM Aeromedical

The Pro’s Pack – TEAAM Aeromedical

For most of my career, I have worked as a Forester on the west coast of Canada. The work has often taken me into some very beautiful, but inhospitable places where the only way in and out is by boat, helicopter, or a long, slow trip in a 4X4. If things went sideways and someone got injured, it would be great to know that there would be a quick way to get medical attention and transport to hospital. Now, there is an option for advanced medical care in remote, austere, wilderness environments.

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