PC Security Without the Need to Remember a Password?

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Once in a while I come across something that is such a simple solution for an everyday problem that I wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?” QuikID by Fusionpipe is one of those solutions.

QuikIDHow many passwords do you have on the go? I know many people that have to write their PC password down in order to avoid calls to the corporate help desk to unlock their computer. Having that complex password written on a piece of paper under the calendar on your desk is really not meeting data security objectives.

QuikID provides a method of securing data with high complexity passwords without the need to keypunch them into your computer. It can also eliminate the requirement for dongles, physical smart cards, etc.

Fusionpipe has developed a system that utilizes password information stored on your smartphone to lock your PC based on the proximity of the phone. Get up from your desk and walk away from your PC and it is locked immediately. This is especially valuable for anyone that needs to quickly and easily ensure the security of sensitive data – health care, financial services, public security, etc.

If higher levels of security are required, it is also possible to incorporate additional methods of authentication. For example this could be a simple password plus the proximity of your smart phone. Of course, if your phone battery runs down you can go back to keypunching your password.

Future Plans

At present to take advantage of this innovative solution you will need to have an Apple or Android mobile device and a PC.  However, Apple computers will be supported in the near future. In addition, Fusionpipe is considering providing a similar method of security for Apple and Android tablets. They also plan to add other types of mobile Bluetooth enabled devices such as Fitbit, and TILE.

Fusionpipe also plans to add the ability to include multiple devices in the authentication process along with passwords. For example, it would be possible to require the proximity of both a smart phone and a Fitbit along with the keypunching a simple four digit pass-code into your PC.

I think this is a brilliant solution that will reduce the cost and inconvenience of calls for password resets. In addition, this solution will provide a higher level of data security as the PC is locked immediately when the user walks away.

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