SURVEY: What’s Next? Help us Decide!

Survey sign

We would really appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to give us some guidance regarding the product(s) that we should develop next.  We have a few new products that are in various stages of development.

However, we are a small company and just don’t have the resources to pursue them all at once. So, please give us some guidance on the products below.

Large Utility Pouch

Utility Pouch

This very similar to the Utility Pouch we have now but it is a little thicker and deeper. It’s deeper so it will hold an iPad Mini or other 8” or smaller tablets. Or it could be lunch, water, bear spray, notebook or other tools of the trade.

Like the Utility Pouch, the front cover of the large version can be removed and changed from black to a beautiful bright orange! The photo shows the Large Utility Pouch on the front of the Comox Harness and the Small Pouch on the hip.

Small Jervis Pack

Jervis Pack small

This is the same as the Medium Jervis but smaller. Personally, we think it is the perfect size for skiing (I wear one of our prototypes).  We think would likely be a hit for Ground Search and Rescue, Skiing, Snow Boarding, wildland fire fighting – maybe even trail running.

We have worn mine trail running many times. For skiing, we love it as w don’t have to take it off to access gloves, food, beverage, phone, wallet… it fits two large tins of beer!

Camera Bracket

Camera bracket

We have had many requests for a bracket that would allow a camera to be carried on the Comox MOLLE compatible harness. We have lost track of the number of times that we have had interest from professional photographers when we are at trade shows.

The bracket would accept the standard mounting system (like the one in the photo below) used on many tripods so that it could be quickly switched from the harness to a tripod. The Comox Harness is oh so comfortable and black suits any occasion.

UAV Hood and Controller Bracket

Brian holding drone

We will not fly our DJI Phantom 4 without the prototype bracket that we developed to secure the controller to the Ruxton Pack.  A hood to keep the sun off the tablet would be a welcome addition.

In the photo, you can see the controller mounted on the Ruxton Pack – ideally there would be a hood added.

Custom Front Covers

Gravity cover

The Utility Pouch, Jervis Pack and Ruxton Packs all have a front cover that can be removed and changed. At present we offer two exciting options – black and orange!

We can do any colour but what I think might be more interesting would be offering designs that suit the activity and personal preference of the user.  Here is a design that we thought skiers might like.

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